World Class Website Backups with JetBackup 5

JetBackup - Coast 2 Coast Web HostWhen creating our web hosting packages it was important to include the best, most robust website backup system as possible. After researching all possibilities I decided to use JetBackup 5. This powerful backup system is built right into the Cpanel for every web hosting account offered at Coast 2 Coast Web Host. This backup system is automatically configured for your domain and allows you to recover a full website backup. This includes a few simple options to restore your data.  You can restore only your website or just your database(s) or only your email account(s) or any combination of the three as well as a “full restore”. With only a few clicks you always have access to restore your website and email from “yesterday” or from the “weekly backup”. Choose one of our web hosting packages and never fear losing your data ever again!

We proudly use JetBackup 5 for all 3 of our top rated web hosting packages. Simple and reliable! Feel confident that your website is fully backed up and secure at Coast 2 Coast Web Host.

James P. Williams

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